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The Open Future Institute Staff, pictured here before our QUESTion Project class at Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics in the Bronx, NY! Director, Program Growth and Development: Isobel King Student Coordinator: Josh Mesnik

Open Future Institute Goes West to Partner with Alliance MIT

We have some big news: the Open Future Institute is expanding to California! In July we completed a very moving training with ten teachers from Alliance Marine – Innovation & Technology, a public charter school in the largest Charter Network […]

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QUESTion Class Alumni Engage Incoming Freshmen with the Hayden Summer Bridge Program

“Your team did a wonderful job of exposing our incoming freshmen to new ways of thinking about themselves, others and the world around them through the QUESTion workshops. We are excited to see how this new cohort grows intellectually, socially […]

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Student Ambassadors Bring the QUESTion Project to Amherst College

Passing along an early green of summer trees, we reviewed our presentation one last time. Amherst College had invited us to present the QUESTion Project to a group of alumni interested in the holistic, human side of education. Three ambassadors […]

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Thoughts on Interconnectedness

By Levi Lamb
Student, Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics


such a commonly used word.
But do I feel

How can you not,
lonely nights, tragic deaths.
Constant reminders that this is your

And you shape it the way you want.

I feel isolated,

even though there are many […]

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What happens when the Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics’ Pink Ladies meet with BCSMen to discuss big life questions?

The answer: incredible communication.

“How do boys feel about girls’ insecurities?” “Why do guys not show sensitivity?” “Why don’t you tell me what the problem is instead of ignoring me?” “What does it mean to be masculine?” These […]

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