In a heartwarming display of unity and inspiration, former students Karla Perez and Alexander Uzobuife took center stage to share their remarkable experiences with the QUESTion Class, with Superintendent David Cintron and 90 public school principals and educators of the New York City Department of Education. The room buzzed with palpable energy as they spoke about the profound impact the class had on their lives, emphasizing its crucial role in nurturing students’ agency, purpose, and identity.

Karla and Alexander’s testimonials illuminated the pivotal role that the QUESTion Class played in shaping their academic journeys and personal growth. Karla Perez, a former QUESTion Class student, highlighted how the Question Class had bolstered her mental health, ultimately aiding her in achieving her academic goals. Alexander Uzobuife echoed this sentiment, underscoring how the QUESTion Class had aided in the development of his critical thinking skills and in connecting with his inner passions and aspirations. This testament underscores how the QUESTion Class not only cultivates empathy and understanding but also provides substantial support for students in pursuing their college and career aspirations.

As we contemplate their inspiring stories, we are reminded of the profound impact that a thoughtful and student-centered curriculum can have in shaping the lives of our future leaders.