“….Fearlessness is not having no fear. But it is looking at that fear and saying I am not going to run away from it but I am going to run through it to get to the other side….” Alexander Uzobuife, Alumnus The QUESTion Project.

Drew Perkins from ThoughtStrechers Education conducted an interview with Gerard Senehi, Co-Founder and President of The QUESTion Project, and Alexander Uzobuife, an alumnus of The QUESTion Class. Gerard and Alexander delve into the imperative for students to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, fostering genuine connections with one another on a human level, all in pursuit of finding purpose and clarity in their lives and futures. Alexander candidly shares his personal odyssey with The QUESTion Project, providing valuable insights into how the program has successfully cultivated an environment where students can authentically express their best selves.

Listen to the complete podcast here: https://wegrowteachers.com/thoughtstretchers-education-podcast-growing-with-question-project/