For the past 4 months, the QUESTion Project has been excited to join forces with some of our longest-term veteran QUESTion Class teachers. As experienced and innovative NYC public school educators, they have shown continued commitment to advancing our mission; engaging students’ humanity and reaching the ‘whole-child’ through the social-emotional development of students within our classrooms.

In partnership with the Fetzer Institute, the QUESTion Project team has been fortunate enough to join these professional change-makers over 5 monthly collaborative sessions, with our final session taking place in June. In these sessions, we gather in virtual meeting spaces, where participants contribute their wealth of professional experience to help us achieve organizational goals. Through their guidance and collaboration, we troubleshoot the real-world problems of current QUESTion Class teachers, and create resources to improve the learning experience for future cohorts of students.

We believe that the most culturally, socially and emotionally responsive classrooms are built upon the personal experiences, values and beliefs of its inhabitants, both of the collective and on an individual basis. Throughout the history of the QUESTion Project, our work has been guided by the experiences and knowledge of teachers and students alike, ensuring that our content is relevant to the young people we serve. Through our partnership with these stellar youth development professionals, we gain invaluable insights and perspectives that will inform our work for years to come.

Thanks to the dedication of these teachers, and with support of the Fetzer Institute, we are committed to the improvement and evolution of the QUESTion Project, striving to engage students at the core of their humanity.