In February, the OFI team collaborated with our long-term partner school, Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics (BCSM), as we hosted two QUESTion Day  for current and former students of the QUESTion Project.  

The day-long event was aiming to create a positive environment for the students, staff, administration and support staff at BCSM, as they have with similar events throughout the school year. Through an exciting combination of events and activities – a school-wide assembly, performances and discussions – students considered the questions that held most importance in their lives.

The QUESTion Day at BCSM prompted students to delve into the unknown, created a space for them to feel seen by others for who they are, to express the fullness of their humanity and to see others in a way that is free from boundaries.  

In one of the activities, the students were engaged in a moment of reflection without limits, asking important questions that they do not yet know the answers to.  

“What are the 3 Most Important Questions you have about your life?” 

With deliberate thought, the students and teachers of BCSM anonymously wrote their responses on index cards, which were collected by members of our team to display within the school. There was time dedicated for responses to be read aloud by peers and colleagues within the auditorium, fostering the relationships that are built on the common ground of shared challenges and uncertainty.  

By allowing students and teachers to respond to these themes, core to the human experience, they challenged interpersonal barriers and connected in unprecedented ways. Through this collaboration, The QUESTion Day served as a catalyst for creating a school culture that integrates social and emotional development, and understands, values and makes space for life’s biggest questions. 

Today, their responses are on display for all to see, adorning bulletin boards in classrooms and hallways. It is with thanks to the teachers and administrators at BCSM that we can celebrate and acknowledge the wisdom and curiosity of their incredible students. After all, as a recent graduate of the QUESTion Project at BCSM shared; 

“At this age, we are still figuring out our own thoughts and opinions on life…
Everyone needs and has different opinions and perspectives, and just like I want other to respect me,
I will respect them”

We at the QUESTion Project look forward to many more years of shared student wisdom, and continued partnership, with the Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics.