The QUESTion Ambassador Program

Students develop their leadership skills to become role models, mentors and change makers in their schools and communities.

The QUESTion Ambassador Program is a unique youth leadership program. It empowers students to become leaders in their schools and communities, by engaging their peers, parents, teachers and the community at large with big life questions.

The QUESTion Ambassadors acquire, enhance and refine their communication and leadership skills by spearheading various projects such as creating an original podcast series, writing blogs for the Huffington Post, implementing student-led QUESTion Days at schools, facilitating QUESTion Community Labs for youth and adults in their communities, and becoming mentors and co-facilitators of The QUESTion Class for their peers.

The QUESTion Ambassador Program gives students a platform to share their perspectives about some of the most important questions in life, and offers them an opportunity to inspire their peers, families and community. Ambassadors engage in a process of transformation as they create a community of empowered young leaders and become agents of change.

Each Ambassador is eligible to receive a scholarship for their participation in the program.

Online applications for the QUESTion Ambassador Program are being accepted now through September 30, 2016.



  • Professional experience leading events, workshops and operations in schools, communities and the lager NYC area
  • Increased self- growth, confidence and open-mindedness
  • Development of 21st century skills: critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity
  • Peer-to-peer community building
  • Scholarship of $500 upon completion of the program, with minimum commitment of 60 hours per student
  • Documentation of 40 service hours and recommendations for college, employment, or other scholarship programs
  • Personal networking opportunities with activists, business and non-profit leaders, social entrepreneurs, the Open Future Institute Team, Board Members and Advisers


  • Currently enrolled in a high school in New York City (ages 14- 18)
  • Interest in deepening their understanding of big life questions with peers
  • Interest in interacting with people and developing communications skills
  • Special consideration will be given to students who have participated in a QUESTion Class

As an Ambassador you will:

  • Produce QUESTion Podcasts
    • Through these podcasts, students’ voices are heard. By conversing on their personal experiences of failure, passion, fear, making choices and more, students make headway on some of life’s biggest questions together. Students are empowered to take on leadership roles while planning podcasts, editing them, and sharing podcasts with the world.
  • Lead QUESTion Community Labs
    • QUESTion Ambassadors share their experiences with other groups of youth; and by doing so, they ignite an interest in big life questions that inspire themselves and others to dig deeper. Students will reach schools, youth organizations, work places, community centers and families.
  • Co-Facilitate QUESTion Classes
    • The QUESTion Ambassadors step into the role as co-facilitators of the QUESTion Class. Working side-by-side with teachers of the QUESTion Class, they help guide classroom discussions and ignite curiosity among students.
  • Write blogs for the Huffington Post
    • Each Ambassador is given the opportunity to share their experiences with the world through a blog published on the Huffington Post. They are encouraged to take what is inside and bring it out while connecting to the heart of the QUESTion Project journey: sharing authentic expression, big questions and wisdom through personal experience.
  • Implement a QUESTion Day at their schools
    • QUESTion Ambassadors take their school by storm and co-create an unforgettable assembly called the “QUESTion Day.” This assembly serves as a platform where students and faculty can share their biggest questions and life experiences with one another. The assembly is an exciting celebration that catalyzes a school culture where big questions matter.


The QUESTion Ambassadors will commit for 6 months, starting on October 13, 2016 and running through April 13, 2016.

They will commit to completing an average of 60 hours through the program. This will include weekly presence at the Open Future Institute Headquarters, every Thursday from 4:00 – 6:00, and occasionally at other locations for example when leading a QUESTion Community Lab at another other school and youth organization premises.

Application Process

All New York City-based youth are welcome to apply, but special consideration will be given to applicants who have already participated to a QUESTion Class in their schools. Applications are open now through September 30, 2016. Selected applicants will be notified by October 7, 2016, and invited to start on October 13, 2016


Getting Involved

This program is made possible by the generous support of private donors and inspired individuals. Please contact us at for sponsorship opportunities or if your organization is interested in learning more about the QUESTion Ambassador Program.