Our Founders

Gerard Senehi
Gerard SenehiFounder & President
Gerard is inspired by a sense of possibilities and the potential of bringing inner aspects of our humanity to the foreground in education
[
Francesca Rusciani
Francesca Rusciani Co-Founder & Executive Director
Francesca’s passion for big life questions started when she was a girl and has since developed into a lifelong journey of exploration, inquiry and commitment to social change. [Read more..]

Our Valuable Team

Gabriel Gonzalez
Gabriel GonzalezProject Manager
Gabriel’s passion for education grew from endless questions about community and cultural development. As an undergraduate student at Amherst College, he studied various aspects of education – from history to current policy. [Read more..]
Joshua Mesnik
Joshua MesnikAmbassador and Project Facilitator, The QUESTion Project
Joshua began his journey with The QUESTion Project while in college at Florida State University by helping to create the first experimental “QUESTion Lab.” [Read more..]
Isobel King
Isobel KingAmbassador, The QUESTion Project
Isobel joined Open Future Institute after spending several months as a volunteer who recognized the importance of supporting young people with an outlet to explore life’s biggest questions. [Read more..]
Jamila Blades
Jamila BladesSocial Studies Teacher & QUESTion Class Facilitator
Jamila’s passion for inspiring young people to think more deeply and critically about themselves — and their presence in the world — is translated into her work as a QUESTion Teacher. [Read more..]
Pat Klarl
Pat KlarlGuidance Counselor & QUESTion Class Facilitator
Pat has over 12 years of experience as a school counselor with New York City Public Schools. She currently works with students in grades 9-12 at Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics, a public school in the South Bronx. [Read more..]
Kim Hudson
Kim HudsonHealth Teacher & QUESTion Class Facilitator
Kim teaches Health and QUESTion classes at Bronx High School for Law and Community Service, where she is a strong mentor to many students and a staple of the community. [Read more..]
Theresa Crook
Theresa CrookAmbassador, The QUESTion Project
Theresa works as an Executive Assistant in Nuclear Industry, and her quest to make an impact and give back has led her to volunteer her skills to the Open Future Institute. She contributes her high level administrative expertise and passion to the team, and cherishes being part of a space where there are no limits for the heart and mind.
Michael Abele
Michael AbeleWeb Developer
Michael is an engaged contributor and volunteer who oversees OFI’s website development.
Vivian Mac
Vivian MacAmbassador, The QUESTion Project
Vivian Mac is a life-long learner, passionate about finding her own meaning in life and empowering others to do the same. She is a recent graduate of Amherst College, where she studied education and contemplative practices.
Mohamed Ramy
Mohamed RamyAmbassador, The QUESTion Project
Mohamed interned with the Open Future Institute in 2015, and has since volunteered his time as an Ambassador of The QUESTion Project. He is curious about the evolution of culture, and holds fast to his belief that acknowledging differences can lead to understanding. He is currently a pre-med student at Amherst College.