Students are creating their future by asking big questions, expanding their minds and defining their purpose—together

The QUESTion Project

The QUESTion Project supports public high school students to build the foundations for their lives, their future and a healthy society, through a semester long daily class, called the QUESTion Class. We train teachers to teach our evidence-based curriculum which allows learners to bring out the depth of who they are and collectively explore and grow in important areas of their lives. The QUESTion Class creates a space where students can explore and develop their own identity, strengthen their sense of agency, and build confidence to pursue a life of purpose. Through a coherent, structured process, young people are inspiring each other to take responsibility for their future – and how they might contribute to their world.

“The QUESTion Project is significant because it gives people the opportunity to talk about life questions that are typically internalized, and the chance to interconnect with others. It is also significant because it widens perspectives… it inspired me to expand my wisdom, learn about the ideas and thoughts of people [who] live in my world, and serve… my community in… an extraordinary way.”

– Karla, Bronx, NYC, Student

Our Methodology

All of our programs are based on a 5-pillar structure that facilitates a journey into fundamental human questions. These pillars are Choice, Purpose, Fearlessness, Interconnectedness and A Bigger Picture. We’ve gone through an extensive process to shape them in collaboration with students and educators around the globe, and feel they capture some of the most important parts of being human. When students engage with these 5 pillars, they gain the strength and confidence to take their lives and future into their own hands, and channel their idealism into action.


Students develop a deep appreciation for the potential inherent in their capacity to choose. Never before have young people have been exposed to so many options. Many can feel overwhelmed by the choices they have and the responsibility to define their own lives. Exploring choice in their own experience opens a sense of possibilities, and gives them the confidence to deal with the challenges that confront them. It empowers and inspires them with a positive responsibility to forge their own lives and future.


Students reflect on their sense of purpose in life. There are many ways to live a life of purpose. By identifying the things they find most important, they connect inspiration with action and develop confidence in making life decisions based on their own sense of direction. They are challenged to think about how they can connect what inspires them to what contributes to society.


Students gain strength in pursuing and staying true to their deepest convictions. When students have an opportunity to speak openly with their peers about the decisions, actions, and social pressure that overwhelm or intimidate them the most, they discover that fear is not as unique and isolating an experience as they had thought. The power of those fears diminishes and the impossible becomes possible.


By exploring the fact that we are autonomous individuals as well as part of a larger whole, students develop an understanding and appreciation for the different perspectives of others. They are able to put their personal biases aside to work together for a greater purpose. Students see through fixed ideas and develop deeper empathy, compassion and care for others and the common good.

A Bigger Picture

Students develop the ability to see their lives, the future and the challenges they face, from a big picture. They become aware of the bigger context they are a part of, and realize the significance of their lives in a larger framework. They learn to expand their perspective beyond their immediate circumstances and bring more complex and creative thinking to their roles as world citizens.

Our Programs

We work with schools to adopt a culture where big questions matter. Where morality, purposefulness, self-awareness, responsibility for a greater whole, and care for the future are a part of students’ everyday lives.

The QUESTion Class for High Schools

The QUESTion Class, a semester-long program supported by 80 facilitated lesson plans, engages high school juniors and seniors with big questions in a classroom setting. [Read more…]

The QUESTion Day

The QUESTion Day is an exciting combination of events – a school-wide assembly, performances and class discussions – around student’s most important questions in life… [Read More…]

The QUESTion Ambassadors Program

The QUESTIon Ambassador program is a unique youth leadership program. It empowers students to become leaders in their schools and communities, by engaging their peers, parents, teachers and the community at large with big life questions [Read More…]

Our Reach

We work with public and charter high schools in the highest poverty, lowest income areas of New York City and Los Angeles. Many of these are “Title I” schools — schools that receive federal assistance to provide quality education to children from low income families.

Our work began in the heart of the South Bronx, New York, where we built strong partnerships with several public schools and engaged with thousands of students. Propelled by this momentum, we brought our program to the Alliance Charter Network in Los Angeles, California, the largest charter network in Los Angeles (27 schools and growing). In the summer 2017 we trained all the teachers at Alliance Marine – Innovation & Technology High School, where all the students are taking the QUESTion Class.

With a belief in and commitment to the importance of a holistic approach to education for every student, most schools we work with have achieved top-ranking performance. Inspired by their example, we also work with failing schools, to support and strengthen their efforts to attain higher standards of student achievement, institutional success and recognition.

We value each school as unique, and are dedicated to co-creating the best model to fit each school’s individual needs. We train faculty members (deans, teachers, guidance counselors) to facilitate the QUESTion Class, and together we design a customized program targeted to meet the needs of the students.

Our Student QUESTion Ambassadors are poised to act on their desire to serve by becoming leaders in their schools and communities. They do this by mentoring their younger peers, becoming Teacher Assistants, leading QUESTion Community Labs, writing blogs for the Huffington Post and more.

The QUESTion Project at BCSM, South Bronx

We are lucky to be working with the incredible students, principal and faculty of this New York City public school. The Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics, situated in the poorest [Read More…]

The QUESTion Project at Bronx School for Law and Community Services

The Bronx Center for Law and Community Service (BCLCS) is a high-achieving public high school lead by a visionary principal and team of administrators whose mission is to support self-motivation, intellectual curiosity and integrity. [Read More…]

The QUESTion Project at TAPCO, South Bronx

TAPCO, or the Theatre Arts Production Company School, is located in the Tremont section of the Bronx, NYC. In 2016, TAPCo was acknowledged as one of the “Best Public High Schools in America” at the Bronze level by U.S. News and World Report, and [Read More…]

The QUESTion Project at Belmont Preparatory High School, South Bronx

Belmont Preparatory High School is a public high school in the South Bronx with a focus on college readiness and test preparation. The school has a unique approach to support students achieve success – with a large emphasis on developing an open mind and [Read More…]

The QUESTion Project at Bronx Leadership Academy, South Bronx

Bronx Leadership Academy (BLA) is a small, community-focused public high school in the South Bronx, BLA was founded in 1993 by South Bronx educators, church leaders and parents who wanted a safe, small, community-minded high school with high academic standards. [Read More…]

The QUESTion Project at Alliance Marine-Innovation and Technology, Los Angeles

We are proud to be working at our first school in the Los Angeles area. Alliance Marine-Innovation and Technology is a public school in the largest charter network in California (with 27 schools). Alliance MIT is committed to preparing students for our increasingly technology-dominated culture and [Read More…]

The QUESTion Project at Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield High School, South Los Angeles

This our second school in the Los Angeles area.Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield High School is a public school in the largest charter network in California (with 27 schools). is part of a network of independent public charter schools that provide world-class educational services to address the unique needs of each student.[Read More…]

The QUESTion Project at Schuylerville Prepatory High School, The Bronx

Schuylerville Preparatory High School opened its doors in 2013, after 10 people realized a dream of offering scholars a college-preparatory experience that would foster academic and social growth. [Read More…]

The QUESTion Project at Bronx Latin School, The Bronx

The Bronx Latin School is a college preparatory school for students in grades 6 through 12. The school offers a rigorous program of arts and sciences and encourage serious scholarship, independent thought, and clarity of expression. [Read More…]

The QUESTion Project at The High School of Fashion, Chelsea, Manhattan

The Mission of the High School of Fashion Industries is to provide challenging, creative and effective career, technical and academic training for New York City students. [Read More…]

The QUESTion Project at Inwood Academy, Inwood, Manhattan

Inwood Academy for Leadership is a 5-12 public school in upper Manhattan that opened its doors to our first cohort of fifth graders, in 2010. The school focuses on college preparedness, character development, and community leadership … [Read More…]

The QUESTion Project at MESA Charter High School, Bushwick, Brooklyn

Math, Engineering, and Science Academy (MESA) Charter High School provides a rigorous education that equips each student with the ability to succeed in life and in college. MESA students will develop a passion for science, technology … [Read More…]

The QUESTion Project at Murray Hill Academy, Murray Hill, Manhattan

Founded in 2010, the school earned the highest marks on the city’s 2018 Quality Review in all areas. “We’re a very tight, close-knit family,” says assistant principal Daniel Chu. They believe that every child can fulfill their potential one successful step at a time… [Read More…]

The QUESTion Project at Florida State University

Florida State University is where it all started. Our first QUESTion Co-Creative Labs began with an inspired group of undergraduate students who met with the shared vision to bring [Read More…]

The QUESTion Project at Pace University

We first began to explore ways to integrate The QUESTion Project’s 5-pillar approach into existing undergraduate courses in 2014. Since then we’ve been running Co-Creative Labs with multicultural teams of students in an [Read More…]

Our First International Chapter

The QUESTion Project in the Netherlands

We are thrilled to announce our first international chapter in the Netherlands. Our Dutch colleagues are already holding workshops with multicultural groups of students in Amsterdam, with great results. [Read More…]