We welcomed five interns to join our team to refine the content and core messages of our QUESTion Project. We now have a program that’s more age appropriate, experience-based, and incredibly engaging. The new curriculum will be used in our second co-creative lab at Florida State University, led by our student leaders Josh and Zach this Fall!

Our office expanded with new energy this summer. We settled into our seats each morning with eagerness to talk about content that was more than a pastime, job or internship; it was content that was meaningful and relevant to each of us. How did we relate to the five pillars (choice, purpose, interconnectedness, fearlessness, and a bigger picture)? What impact had they had on our lives, and how could we leverage this impact to create a program that was both touching and purposeful? What makes “love” a central aspect of our program? These were just a few of the many questions we tackled.

When we weren’t partaking in group working sessions, we took a few weekend trips to the countryside to engage with Board members and Advisers – influential social entrepreneurs, activists, and nonprofit game-changers — who shared their stories, offered advice, and engaged with our project in unique ways.

In short, this summer was truly beautiful; and we’ve walked away with great material and lasting friendships. One of our interns from Amherst College, Derya Demirtas, wrote a short reflection that really touched us. In it she said that the summer’s discussions had “created the space … to gain a deeper understanding of myself and the cultural values that shape and inform my life.” We couldn’t be happier!