QUESTion engaged with youth from around the world in an interactive session for Miracle Corners of the World’s youth leadership retreat in Vermont this past July. Our FSU student leader, Josh Mesnik, traveled to the retreat where he led a successful workshop that explored meaning and purpose through the lenses of Choice, Purpose, Fearlessness, Interconnectedness, and a Bigger Picture.

The focus of the event was to empower youth, ages 16-25, to create vision plans according to their deepest passions. Throughout MCW’s programming there was a common theme: to leverage youth’s optimism and desire to make a difference via practical channels, inspiring youth to take the necessary steps to become leaders and agents of change in their communities and elsewhere.

Josh’s session focused on the big questions we face as we move forward in life, using QUESTion project material. Towards the end of the workshop, Josh encouraged everyone to continue engaging with these questions, particularly in the company of their peers, mentors, and family. He noted that asking questions, such as, “Why do I do what I do?”, is a necessary part of aligning one’s actions with one’s values, and essential to becoming an authentic leader and change agent.