“This project poses as a beacon of light to those who live in fear, doubt, trouble, question… There are a lot of people like myself who question the world. The common question I hear and see is, “Why am I here”, “What am I going to do with my life”, “I give up”. Being from the Bronx I never fully realized the negativity that creeks here day and night until I became independent, when I started going out into “The World”. All I see here is poverty, self-doubt, and such negativity. I started understanding what others felt because I felt what they were feeling, fear. Clueless and sad almost every day because I wasn’t satisfied with where I was living and who I was. Because of the introduction of the QUESTion Project here at BCSM my perspective on life did changed into a more positive direction and now, being a part of the QUESTion Project has helped me as an individual extend my character into somebody better. This project will be important to many others who were like me at one point who are struggling to find out who they are as an individual and are struggling to find a sense of purpose in life.”

—Brandon A. Moreno

My name is Britney, I took the QUESTion class in my freshman year of high school and am currently a rising junior. Roughly 4 years ago, I became immersed in a battle with my mental health and anxiety. The QUESTion Project has helped me realize that I have way more choices than are readily apparent. The class has helped me shift my destructive thinking patterns into thoughts that take into account different viewpoints and perspectives. The class has changed my outlook on the internal and external conflicts that I face and has allowed me to be reflective on different aspects of what makes me who I am. It has trained me to find strength in vulnerability and to not let my fears and paranoia act as a deterrent for achieving my goals and success on many different aspects. Not exclusively externally, but also within myself. It has helped me identify causes greater than myself and why I might want to contribute to them. In my opinion, vulnerability allows for an enhanced education on a much deeper level. The QUESTion Project resonated with me because it taught me to be okay with asking questions that deviated from traditional classroom learning. Lastly, it has taught me how to practically

—Britney Kiki

Through the QUESTion Project I learned to understand and work with others a lot better. It helped me learn how to take criticism constructively and how to use that in order to improve myself and improve others. The 5 pillars of the QUESTion Project are still all important pillars that I follow throughout my everyday life. Everything in life flows through these pillars whether or not I’m aware of them. They’ve helped me become more successful and more social than I have ever been and will continue to help me improve going forward. I feel like the usual curriculum that kids learn in school doesn’t touch enough on the human side of life outside and after school.

The QUESTion Project helps people get more in touch with deeper emotions and deeper thinking.

—Hector Cruz

The QUESTion project has impacted my life after school because now, more than ever, I am facing reality. The reality of what it’s like being an adult and I’m just getting started. The QUESTion project provided me with a foundation that doesn’t allow me to sink, an armor in which I could confront the harsh reality I now face. A foundation where instead of complaining and giving up or settling, I am forced to reflect and ask myself questions that otherwise would’ve made me uncomfortable to begin with. Purpose isn’t something I’ve found. Purpose is something I’ve learned to create overtime with the choices I make. The 5 pillars are my Philosophical guidance. They always have been. They will continue to be. The QUESTion project is important for a student to ask questions that require reflection of oneself in order to have a deeper understanding of who we are. It should

be a core subject in education because The QUESTion class teaches students something essential that the educational system does not. Unfortunately, our educational system focuses on academic strengths and careers but does not teach us, as constantly evolving, ever growing and forever changing human beings, how to look within ourselves in order to truly find the meaning of success and where our true purpose and passions lie.

—Katery Castelan

In high school there is an illusion of simplicity, only worry about grades, go to the best college, etc. However they forget to mention the difficulties of learning how to find a community, how to take risks, and learning about yourself in order to make choices that are genuine to one self. These gaps in learning become more apparent after high school when students are not prepared to face the difficulties of life. Filling these gaps in preparing students are as important as class work, however it is extremely difficult for educators and teachers to do so.

Teachers simply cannot handle the emotional aspects of young people because they don’t have the tools and space for it. This is where the QUESTion Class in schools comes in to fill the gaps. A truly holistic approach to education will create better, more well-adjusted young people. The QUESTion project impacted my life the most after high school, it helped me navigate the unknown and complexities of the real world of college and the job market. I have used the 5 pillars in many aspects of my life, but I would say one that has been very important to me was fearlessness. I have struggled a lot with feelings of insecurity and having a lack of confidence in myself that have left me fearful of taking risks and speaking up for myself. It has taken me many years to get over my lack of confidence and it took self-awareness and reflection to get to the place I am now. I am more confident in myself and I have made bold moves in my life, some that were silly, but I would not have taken my actions back because it was what I needed to do in order to get out of my comfort zone.

—Natalia Inoa

It gave me a more positive outlook on life and gave me a fair sense of direction. The pillar of choice taught me that throughout any point in my life, I always have a choice to make regardless of whether or not it will be beneficial or negative to me, it’s up to me to figure out what is the right choice to make in the long run. Purpose has shown me that every individual has a significant role that they play in society and that every person has meaning even if they are oblivious to that truth. It’s up to you to find and reveal that purpose to yourself.

Fearlessness has shown that I need to face my life head on and step into the unknown of what’s to come in the future. You can’t be afraid of your life and some of the choices you are inevitably going to have to make.

Interconnectedness has taught me that everyone has one life in this world. We all share many similar values and obstacles in society. It taught me that if you ever feel alone in this world and lost your path in life, just think of the other people in the world who are probably feeling the same as you. We are all trying to find our purpose in life which is what makes us human. Finally the Bigger Picture in life I would say has shown me that I need to think outside the box and think big to many more possibilities in my life of what I want to do. You have to just go at life with no restrictions on yourself and just let the unknown portions of what’s to come in your life become known to you. I think the QUESTion Project should be a core subject in education because it will allow young individuals to start questioning their lives and it can help set them on a path to self-discovery and figuring out what it is they wish to do in life upon completion of high-school. I also believe that the QUESTion Class can give people an outlet and break from their primary studies such as math, English, science, and history and allow them to think about more personal values in life.

—Tahj Tarrats

Since taking the QUESTion Class I have learned to live life with more purpose. In each setting of my life I see where I can apply each thing I’ve learned from the class. Thinking about the bigger picture has been the most helpful because it’s helped me realize every day we must set a purpose or goal to make the day really count. I believe that the QUESTion Class should be a subject field in education, because just as the four core subjects impact our future, so does the QUESTion Class. We get to find ourselves at a young age so we can be prepared for “the real world”.

—Celine Ramirez

The QUESTion Class made me realize the questions I needed to have put in place for myself to understand the next steps. It gives kids a safe space to discuss what they really want to do after school. It is a place where they can really think about the bigger picture in their lives so they can be fearless to make choices, find their purpose, and be interconnected.

—Charlos Do

The QUESTion Project has taught me to be level headed in my decision making and see that there is more to life than only focusing on something with monetary value. The pillar of Purpose has particularly impacted me. Prior to making decisions on what I want do in my life, I always think of that pillar. It helps to keep me focused on what’s important to me and keeps me to remember why I’m doing what it is I do. I think the QUESTion Project should be a core subject in education as it gives an outside element to school that a lot of people don’t get to experience growing up. Aside from hard facts being thrown in your face, it’s ok to think for yourself and speak to people about things that aren’t only facts.

—Levi Lamb

The QUESTion Project has taught me that all humans are in the same boat when it comes to answering the biggest questions that no one may be able to answer. The pillar of Fearlessness in particular taught me that it’s okay to have fear. In fact, strong people act and don’t let fear hold them back. I believe the QUESTion Project should be a core subject in education because it humanizes scholars and reminds them that learning about themselves is as important as writing and doing math.

—Michael Torres

I think the question class presses the pause button a bit. Life can be stressful, and I think the class could be a safe space where students get to share their feelings and breathe. I think our discussion on interconnectedness has opened up a larger conversation in my life. It’s easy to feel like you’re the only one who’s experiencing certain problems or that you’re the only one thinking about these larger questions, but when we can discuss these things with others, we soon find that we’re all linked. And, while we all don’t have the same path in life, we do have some shared life experiences that connect us to each other. I think that the question class can definitely create a space where students can discuss existential questions that they may be wondering or stressing about. Students could possibly form a bond with the other students in the class and create a community in which they get to discuss topics that have been gnawing at them.

—Staphanie Garcia

Purpose has driven me to start seeing myself how I used to. To be Heard. Speaking up and saying my truth because some may need to hear it for their own growth, not just my own. Everyone usually has responsibilities that are intended to help us and those around. We were destined to do those things. I think that the QUESTion Project should be a core subject in education. We finally get a chance to think for ourselves, to use our minds instead of someone else’s. Not saying it isn’t helpful to decode someone else’s thinking to get to a common theme but using your life experiences and thoughts to contribute to a class is a good feeling. People connect with each other more and on a deeper level. We get to see real people I feel.

—Tyreik Skelton

The hardest question a person can ever be asked, “who are you?”. And not just your name but, who are you? What makes you different from the people around you? How does one even begin to describe themselves? During my time in the QUESTion Projects class, I have begun to think critically about myself and my ambitions. The more time I spent in the class the more I began to discover new things about myself. I realized the importance of self-identification and the significance of our goals/dreams. Knowing yourself (truly knowing yourself) is critical for people to know. It allows to give us a feeling of worth and purpose in life. Knowing yourself allows you to share yourself with the people around you. And knowing yourself allows you to know what you want later in life. Knowing your ambitions is also an important part of knowing yourself. It allows you to set goals and quotas and gives a sense of knowing and stability in life. That being said, knowing what you want and who you are doesn’t happen right away, and that’s alright. Not everyone has to know who they are the moment they are born, this take time and years of experience.

—Ziomara Aguilar

“The Question project to me is more than just a program it’s this secret cave people are wanting to be in or don’t know about it and won’t know until they experience it. For me the Question Project helps me grow as an individual. The Question Project made me a person who isn’t afraid to share his own thoughts because at the end of the day others might have the same thoughts as you.”

—Roberto Romero

“You would just see me walking down the hallways at school with no emotion on my face, or like there’s nothing going on in my mind like I have no feelings like some kind of robot, but now with the QUESTion Project I could actually feel something; I have all these thoughts and ideas I get to share in class and listen to others and how they feel, and that has been incredibly empowering.”


“Before I took this class, I wasn’t even thinking about ‘what’s my purpose?’ or ‘do I really enjoy any of what I am doing?’… Even though you are 16 or 17, you still have a way of dictating where you want to go and who you want to be.”

—Michelle Garcia

“The QUESTion Project is significant because it gives people the opportunity to talk about life questions that are typically internalized, and the chance to interconnect with others. It is also significant because it widens perspectives… I want to expand my wisdom, learn about the ideas and thoughts of people [who] live in my world, and serve… my community in… an extraordinary way.”

—Karla Perez

“The question project to me is not an organization but rather an idea that creates a foundation of becoming open minded. It is also a road that you can walk down if you’re looking for some light in your life. It is also a place of acceptance and a bond that can create family wherever you are.”

—Kirk Dillon

“The QUESTion Project is about a way to find out who you really are and to know other people.”

—Emmanuel Asante

I think more positively and I view things through a different lens. I try to view the bigger picture a lot of the time and it helps when I get stressed over overwhelming choices as a senior in high school, like college

—ITHS Student

The question class is an important class for people my age because most students at this age are often lost or confused on what to do with their future. They wouldn’t know were to start or maybe don’t even know who they are.

—ITHS Student

Purpose is not a destination, it’s what you give to the world and others while you live.

—Student, Bronx Latin Student

The class breaks boundaries between students because instead of being surrounded by society’s expectations and whatever social class we might feel were put into we can all become one with each other and reach even ground for communication between others.

— Fausto

I think the question class is an important class for schools and for society as a solution to division because it can teach students to accept one another. With question class you are able to explore different points of views and opinions that you’ve never considered before.


The class is important to the restoration of the unison of our country because of how different you look at people.


I think that this class is able to bring people together rather than divide them. An example being politics, a lot of people have that urge to always be right. And pride covers their facade, so they stand on their opinion. But in this class, i’m able to respectfully disagree with someone but also step in their shoes and listen to what they’re saying. You can have different viewpoints but still work things out.

The class teaches us how to think and see in other’s peoples perspectives and so that would help us understand how to deal with disagreements.


A lot of people only care about their likeness and their beliefs, and the question class divides the opinionated with the open-minded finding common ground.


The class prepares us for the “grown up world.”


No matter how much you want to, You will never fully understand someone, it feels like two universes that will never touch. It seems so far but close that you don’t even know how to comprehend it. However the light of the two can be understood by the two and admired by the two universe’s, thus an illusion of understanding is formed to comfort both. Just like it would be in our day to day lives


I just wanna thank this class for pushing me out of my shell. Just having the option to listen to what others have to say is different and way more productive than most other classes I’ve taken.


I think finding yourself or knowing who you are means that you’re finally able to understand why you are. For me this can also mean that you have come to terms with who you are and how you act. You can come to terms with yourself as a person whether it be physically or emotionally.


I believe to know who you are or find yourself is when you don’t allow anyone to make up a person that isn’t you. You know what you believe in, you know what you like or dislike, but to go deeper than this.


To find yourself is to understand why you belong in this world, it is merely to find reason in the unreasonable.


Sometimes I don’t know if i could truly find myself because knowing who you are is full of infinite, unlimited possibilities.

—Student, Bronx Latin

To know who you are and to find yourself means to know how you deal and respond to things and what you need to individually achieve to get to where you want to be.


I feel that to know who you are is to know yourself at your core


The Class helps your mental health because for me (someone who suffers from mental health issues) it has helped me see the world and people differently, it has changed my way of thinking and has helped me understand better.


Yes i do believe it helps students mental health because it allows many to find ways to heal and express whatever challenges they are facing in the moment and not only putting yourself in individuals shoes but to learn from others experiences and to open up to the people around you and know you can trust them with any vulnerability and doubt you have

— Fausto

The class helps because people open up a lot during class to connect with others to a deeper level.


It helped me get a better understanding of my classmates, but also found things that I thought I only experienced also were experiencing by my classmates making me feel more bonded to my classmates in my opinion.


I do believe this class has helped and continues to help students. It helps by giving students our age (14- 16) to open up in a safe space about surface level experience and even personal. It allows students to grow in their mental space and find who they want to become and find things about life they didn’t notice before and want to change or discover more about.


The class can’t restore mental health. It can help like a vaccine to a virus, if you know how to maintain your mental health, things won’t seem so rough.


The question class gives students that might not feel safe in other situations a safe place to learn about themselves and others and be able to express and explore thoughts and feelings that they might have struggled with but that are explored in this class.


The question Class helps students’ mental health. This can even help adults. This class makes you wonder about questions that you never thought you’d be question about or even so just agree to other students’ opinions. This class makes you acknowledge you are not alone.


It’s helpful to students’ mental health because it can help them feel seen and understood. You can be yourself in question class and sometimes that’s all people need to feel okay.