Student Ambassadors Bring the QUESTion Project to Amherst College

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Passing along an early green of summer trees, we reviewed our presentation one last time. Amherst College had invited us to present the QUESTion Project to a group of alumni interested in the holistic, human […]

What happens when the Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics’ Pink Ladies meet with BCSMen to discuss big life questions?

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The answer: incredible communication.

“How do boys feel about girls’ insecurities?” “Why do guys not show sensitivity?” “Why don’t you tell me what the problem is instead of ignoring me?” “What does it […]

To Reach a Younger Audience… QUESTion Goes to Elementary School!

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We recently reached our youngest group of QUESTioners, ever! And what we found couldn’t be more eye-opening.

When we were first asked to engage a room full of seventy 5th graders at Bronx Charter School for Better Learning, we […]

Student Ambassadors Lead Inspiring Workshop At Global Kids

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Five of our star QUESTion Student Ambassadors came together last week to facilitate a 3-hour workshop for their peers at Global Kids, a nonprofit organization that provides global education and leadership development programs for NYC-based youth.

This was one of […]

Student Ambassadors Take QUESTion Out of the Classroom

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As our QUESTion alumni family grows, so do our program offerings. We’ve launched our first-ever afterschool QUESTion Ambassador Program for students who have taken the Course and wish to stay involved. Their voices are reaching beyond the classroom as […]