Two classrooms on two different oceans, sharing one computer screen. This semester, high school students taking the QUESTion Project in LA and NYC traded stories, asked big questions, and exchanged popular lingo from their cities in a real-time video gathering.

Students at BCSM (Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics) and Alliance MIT Charter School in Los Angeles laughed and listened kindly as their “classmates” shared their experiences from having taken the QUESTion Class for the last semester, what it is like to live in their respective neighborhoods, and more. This all happening in a space of respect and connection created by the shared experience of being young in an inner-city environment. Over 80 students took part.

This gathering is part of an effort of the QUESTion Project to empower students to create connections and to unite students across the country to inspire each other, collaborate, contribute to something bigger.