A group of our QUESTion Ambassadors from 3 our of schools in the Bronx, have started  a joint campaign with the District Office,  as they realize their civic responsibility and agency in their communities. With the challenges that our country is facing, what better time that our youth become more active and vocal about the direction of the country!  They have already initiated several meetings to promote youth engagement in Participatory Budgeting and student activism through round table discussions. Here, students have been able to voice their concerns and set forward ideas for next year’s budget allocation. We are very excited to see how students maximize this opportunity to raise their voice and develop their leadership.

Together students are realizing how impactful their actions and their voice are in a democracy. Together with the District Office, we aim to unite student voices around the Bronx so that high scholars can realize how powerful their collective agency is! A civic engagement partnership is one of the many inspiring outcomes of the QUESTion Class, where students learn how to questions their deepest values and ideas, developing the skills and wisdom to engage in the world at large. Go Ambassadors go!