The Question Project is back and making an even bigger presence in the Los Angeles area, expanding into the Alliance Bloomfield High School and training the new teachers coming into the Alliance Marine High School. And two more schools intend to join our ever-growing community next year!

For three days in July we held the initial teacher training on the QUESTion curriculum and dove into our team building exercises.   These teachers bravely ventured into personal topics usually unspoken in a classroom; they acknowledged the students will be doing the same and may feel equally unfamiliar to these types of discussions. One teacher identified the QUESTion curriculum as thought based, rather than academic.  They shared that their students have a genius for intuiting when the teacher is unprepared or uncertain of the content, so they each stood up to facilitate a lesson, demonstrating their own interpretations and genuine style.  And while exploring each pillar, they offered new lesson plan ideas for our evolving curriculum– ones that would be relevant, exciting and accessible to their students.

At the end they let us know that they saw how far reaching the QUESTion class potential could be, and the depth of learning it offered.  Each lesson, one teacher said, could engage students in wide ranging personal and cultural matters, and help them build to a better future.  Another teacher declared that they want the students to “dare greatly,” and recognized the need for creating a safe classroom for exploration, inspiration and learning. Everyone could feel the care for the students and the connection with each other; it was inspiring. We’re looking forward to another promising year in LA.