As our QUESTion alumni family grows, so do our program offerings. We’ve launched our first-ever afterschool QUESTion Ambassador Program for students who have taken the Course and wish to stay involved. Their voices are reaching beyond the classroom as they take on more leadership roles in the school and greater NYC community.

Our Ambassadors carried out two major projects over the course of this past semester: the QUESTion Day 2016, a whole-school event that engaged teachers, administrators and students in big questions; and the creation and execution of a student-led QUESTion Podcast Series in which they addressed life topics together with their peers.

Check out their inspiring and original podcasts here: Our Soundcloud is constantly being updated, so please check back for new episodes!

With the spring semester already under way, our Student Ambassadors are stepping into mentorship roles by Co-Facilitating the QUESTion Course for younger students (freshmen, sophomores and juniors). We are beyond thrilled to see this amount of student leadership to expand the culture of asking big questions to the whole school.