A new semester is underway at our model school, Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics. Now in our second year of partnership, a team of newly trained BCSM teachers have become QUESTion Facilitators and stand by our side, ready to lead the way forward.

The QUESTion Course has now engaged hundreds of high school students with a comprehensive journey into questions about what it means to be human, make difficult choices, live with purpose and act according to one’s values. Overall, 93.33% of students have reported a positive empowerment shift . These results, as well as innumerable positive feedback from students and teachers alike, solidify our stance that that big human questions can and should be at the core of education.

New leaders have emerged from our student body as our Student Ambassador Program has empowered some of our brightest stars to lead by example. They embody the passion to create a culture where big questions matter in their classrooms, homes and communities in which they are a part.  This semester, they have begun their mentorship roles for younger students by co-facilitating the QUESTion Course with our teachers.

As we reach out to new schools, organize important fundraisers and many other exciting projects ahead, know that your support fuels our mission to transform education.