Magic happens when 700 high school and middle school students come together to explore life’s biggest questions!

And, the magic yields power when our biggest questions are part of a larger conversation. We were thrilled to join TAPCO students in creating an environment of unlimited possibilities and connection.

The 1.5 hour assembly guided students through the core themes of the QUESTion Project (Choice, Purpose, Fearlessness, Interconnectedness and the Bigger Picture), while giving them the opportunity to express the biggest questions they are currently facing in their life.

During the assembly, one student raised his hand to ask, “How can I follow my dreams and be happy?”

Another student asked, “Why do people suffer?”

This magical day comes at the completion of our two QUESTion Classes at TAPCO for the Fall semester. Our credit-bearing daily-class empowered over 50 TAPCO students to explore their most important life questions in order to define who they are, what they wish to achieve in life and how they can pursue their goals and aspirations. Students unlocked their potential and agency while developing deep connections and friendships with their peers. Wonderful to see! A special thank you goes to our TAPCO QUESTion Class Leaders: John Sandrowitcz, Dean, and Sam Buchbinder, Global History Teacher, who skillfully and passionately create a classroom environment that supports creativity, exploration, and transformational conversations.

TAPCO 2 QD2017

This is the beginning of an exciting chapter at TAPCO, and there is so much more to come!