The most exciting chapter in the QUESTion Project story has begun. As the fall 2016 semester kicks off, the QUESTion Class is running in three different public high schools in the South Bronx with over 330 students enrolled!

In these schools 27-52% of students are chronically absent, and many are exhausted, apathetic and shut down due to challenging circumstances and extreme pressure weighing on them. What is so amazing in the face of this overwhelming reality are the students that shine though with wisdom, playfulness and creativity.

Fall 2015 Teacher Training

We believe it is so important for students to have the enlivened support, necessary structure, excitement and human connection that QUESTion Class draws out. We have seen how empowering it is for the students when they start discovering who they are and the potential they have to stand up for what they believe in, face life challenges, and build a life of meaning and purpose. We are thrilled to help inspire and empower the next generation of QUESTioners.

In order to provide the best experience for these amazing young people, we now have eleven faculty members trained to facilitate the QUESTion Class (after completing our 20-hour teacher training program). In addition, after a successful summer internship, we have a focused team of student ambassadors poised to impact their schools and communities though QUESTion Community Labs, Huffington Post Blogs, QUESTion school assemblies, podcasts and more.