QUESTion Academy Program Manager

Florence joined the Open Future Institute in 2015. In the Netherlands, she has facilitated QUESTion Classes for students, and the QUESTion Academy curriculum for teachers in several schools. Florence has a master’s degree and teacher’s degree in Ancient Greek and Latin Languages and Culture. Working with students stole her heart. In between teaching grammar and ancient history, she always found ways to discuss how humanity today, at its deepest core, is still the same as in civilizations 2000 years ago.

Next to this she holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and she will complete a master’s degree in 2021 for Solution Based Counseling. Her professional journey brought her in the for-profit sector where she works as a project manager for complex initiatives in a worldwide TelCo company. Within her company, she is passionate about coaching young adult colleagues, who just entered their professional careers, to guide them through the major shifts in life that come with adulthood and with the responsibility of a first job. In 2020, Florence started combining her project management skills with her teacher and trainer competencies, as a Teacher Training Program Manager with the Open Future Institute.