By Katery Castelan
Student, Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics

There has never been anything more admiring.

You are complex.

The way you define yourself is more than what anyone else can bear

Yet it shines right through you.

You know what you are, you know what you hold.

You are

The woman you once couldn’t wait to be.

With that wish came pain no one else could have endured

With that came the tarnishing of your soul.

Yet you spun gold out of the thinnest of thread

You have everything to give & yet nothing to lose.

To give your love immensely without limitations

Betrayal is yet your greatest fear but what is there to lose?

You can give him your thousands of rays that reflect your grace & radiance

but he can’t wear it the same way you do.

You can give him your heart & all of your love

But no one has your heart, no one has all of your love

It’s an illusion you give yourself

An illusion love creates.

Your beauty on the inside reflects on your rosed cheeks,

Your dark brown eyes,

Your bodacious hips,

Your wavy hair.

God made you to be one of a kind

One to endure pain,

One to love regardless of the evils that live in this world,

One that is sympathetic but not vulnerable.

God allowed you to do the one miracle god himself can do

To bring & give life.

She is god herself.

You can make men weak,

Drown them with the sound of your voice

They won’t be able to bear the love & intelligence you give them

You are too much of a woman.

You are pure.

Beautiful woman,

Don’t suffer.

You weren’t made to live unhappily

You weren’t made to be shamed or abashed

You weren’t made to be told that you are less than what you were made to be.

You are a woman and that is enough.