The QUESTion Project @ Bronx School for Law and Community Service, South Bronx

The Bronx Center for Law and Community Service (BCLCS) is a high-achieving public high school lead by a visionary principal and team of administrators whose mission is to support self-motivation, intellectual curiosity and integrity. The entire freshman class of BCLCS, consisting of about 140 students, is currently enrolled in the QUESTion Class. This bolsters our effort to reach students early in their academic career so that they develop the confidence over time to face challenges and make empowered choices for their future.  With teachers trained to facilitate the QUESTion Class, we are excited for the impact that the program is already having on the students and school culture at large. Strengthening this effort are the guidance counselors that have been trained through our Teacher Training Program – and who bring their supportive presence into one-on-one interactions with our students.


One of my guidance counselors went and saw the QUESTion Project in another school and said, “We have to do this!” Teaching ‘life-skills’ is a finite task, teaching acquisition of those skills through discovery is infinite. Modern family life has reduced/eliminated time and space for this level of discovery. Students and staff are looking within themselves from a very distracting outer world and are finding the courage of self-discovery. Michael Barakat, Principal, Bronx High School for Law and Community Service

The QUESTion Class is designed to help students become critical thinkers. They learn to be confident and have a positive outlook on their future. The value of the QUESTion Class is for students to feel safe to ask and connect with their peers regarding the big life questions.  Ramirez Yudelka, Guidance Counselor, Bronx School for Law and Community Service