The QUESTion Project @ Murray Hill Academy, Murray Hill, Manhattan

Founded in 2010, the school earned the highest marks on the city’s 2018 Quality Review in all areas. “We’re a very tight, close-knit family,” says assistant principal Daniel Chu. They believe that every child can fulfill their potential one successful step at a time. They also believe that through personalized academic plans, student academic needs are addressed as we seek to cultivate the strengths of each student within an interactive and safe learning community. Each student is provided with a strong core curriculum supported by educational possibilities that are barrier free and differentiated to include a variety of learning experiences. Roughly 20 out of 60 seniors do internships each year, such as at the American Museum of Natural History, Mercy College or Beth Israel Hospital, to name a few.
Murray Hill is a unique school in that they joined us during the 2020-21 school year, joining Open Future Institute during a time when we were operating the all-digital version of our curriculum as a response to COVID-19. Currently, our program teachers 9-11th grade students.