The QUESTion Project @ Inwood Academy, Inwood, Manhattan

Inwood Academy for Leadership is a 5-12 public school in upper Manhattan that opened its doors to our first cohort of fifth graders, in 2010. The school focuses on college preparedness, character development, and community leadership by emphasizing the development of five different character traits: responsibility, integrity, caring, honesty, and restraint.

They are a trailblazer in the New York charter school environment. The school welcomes every student who applies and is accepted via our lottery and meet students where they are, especially children with special needs or those who speak little to no English, even though they may be behind their peers. In 2009, the founder of Inwood Academy Christina Reyes successfully lobbied for a change in New York State law allowing us to give preference in our application lottery to students who speak English as a second language.

Inwood Academy has been a partner with Open Future Institute since 2019 and currently operates two sections of the QUESTion Class each semester reaching nearly 100 students annually.