On Wednesday, April 16, 2019, The QUESTion Project at Bronx Center for Science and Math (BCSM) had the extreme honor of hosting Councilmember Vanessa Gibson of District 13th. The visit was marked by Councilmember Gibson’s interest in The QUESTion Project at one of the highest performing high schools in NYC, but ultimately her desire to hear directly from students about why they believed that the program was beneficial to them. The students at BCSM shared with the councilmember the many different opportunities of introspection that The QUESTion Project has provided them to find and define their purpose and responsibility to themselves and others to. Additionally, students shared that they recognized that The QUESTion Project provided them the space and opportunity to explore who they were, are and who they aspire to be. One graduating senior shared that when he looks back over his high school career the one class that he feels has been most impactful has been The QUESTion Class. Council Member Gibson shared with the class her quest towards her own purpose. She left the class encouraging students to continue be curious about BIG life questions. For all who gathered, the visit was truly an inspiring one for the collective to ensure that all students have access to social-emotional learning starting in District 13.