Our team facilitated QUESTion workshops at Pace University’s lower Manhattan campus. These were done with students enrolled in undergraduate environmental science courses taught by adjunct professor Lee Frankel-Goldwater. The workshops were met with enthusiasm and an authentic desire to go into the deeper human questions. When asked to list their three most important choices in life, students offered some moving responses:

“What do I value?”
“Who will I become?”
“Will I be happy?”
“Who will my friends be in the future?”
“How will I change the world?”

Over our workshops, we took them on a journey that began with an inspiring sense of possibilities. In this, we presented students with a sense of the unkown: we have to look closer and greet the world with openness in order to recognize all of the opportunities to create, collaborate, give, and receive. With a sense of possibilities, we took students into the five pillars – choice, purpose, fearlessness, interconnectedness, and a bigger picture – to paint a fuller picture of the way in which these concepts build on one another and inform large parts of our lives, giving us the perspective and courage needed to follow our inspirations.

We were particularly struck by students’ openness and vulnerability. These workshops create a space that is greatly needed – not just a space to discuss big questions, but a space for students to relate to their peers and create human connections on a deeper level.

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