Yes… Oman!  We had the wonderful opportunity to lead a  QUESTion workshop with 40 students at  the National Hospitality School, a vocational school in Muscat, the capital of Oman. The students were from Oman as well as expats from Bangladesh, India and other countries. The Principal had explained us how challenging it is for these kids to venture into a professional school and open up to a career in such a different environment to the one of the villages they come from and how he cares about their emotional and psychological growth as well as their professional training. In our workshop, the students really appreciated the opportunity to share their inner experience in relationship to the different topics we opened up. A  lot of them stood up and spoke in front of everyone else, in a very vulnerable way. It was very moving to see that as soon as one creates an environment for young people to share their deepest considerations about life, they crave for it and engage with it in a very beautiful way, no matter what culture or social economical background they come from. It was a beautiful and very moving experience. We hope to be back!

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