Radha Ruparell

Radha Ruparell has worked with CEOs, Fortune 500 executives, social entrepreneurs, and other grassroots leaders around the world on leadership development and personal transformation. She currently heads the Global Leadership Accelerator at Teach For All, a global network of organizations in more than 60 countries committed to developing collective leadership to ensure all children fulfill their potential. Radha’s work is focused on growing a new set of leadership capacities among tens of thousands of leaders who are reimagining education around the world.

Prior to Teach For All, Radha worked with McKinsey & Company, advising CEOs and senior executives on growth strategy, organizational transformation, and innovation. She led various social sector initiatives in global health, including public-private partnerships that expanded access to essential medicines for millions of children across Asia and Africa. She also co-founded Y2Y (Youth to Youth), the largest community of young professionals providing fresh ideas to the World Bank.

Radha holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School. She is the author of Brave Now and co-editor of the book What Leadership Do We Need Now? Radha’s work on leadership development has been featured in publications such as Forbes, CEO World, OECD Forum, & Greater Good Science Center. She speaks frequently on topics of inner transformation, systems change, collective leadership, healing and wellbeing.