Founder, Big Think

Peter Hopkins is the co-founder and president of Big Think, the knowledge company that makes people and companies smarter, faster through efficient e-learning from world-renowned experts.

As president, Hopkins sets the vision for Big Think’s content strategy that enables the world’s top visionaries to share big ideas shaping the 21st century at and offer their e-wisdom needed for a competitive edge in the knowledge economy.

Peter directs the company’s individual and corporate e-learning solutions, including Edge, which helps Fortune 100 companies attract, develop and retain top talent at all levels, and Mentor, which offers a subscription to lifelong and efficient e-learning for personal and professional growth from Big Think’s world-class experts.

Prior to founding Big Think along with fellow Harvard alum Victoria Brown, Hopkins was a Producer for the “Charlie Rose” show on PBS, where he oversaw the American politics segments and collaborated with Google to make the show’s entire back catalogue of episodes available online.

An entrepreneur and expert on e-learning, Hopkins has made appearances on NPR, CNN, and “The Colbert Report.” He is a cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Harvard University, where he received a BA Political Economy and was an editor and member of the Executive Board at The Crimson.