COVID-19 QUESTion Project: Supporting the Social Emotional Well Being of Students, in these critical times

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The lives of students have changed in profound and radical ways due to the response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. This change has come about abruptly with little preparation and students are being faced with all kinds of challenges, from the increased choice over how they will spend their time, to dealing with all the challenges involved in being at home and not being able to go to school.

In the face of this unprecedented challenges, we felt an urgency to create COVID-19 QUESTion Project – a stand-alone program which can support educators to strengthen the social emotional wellbeing of students in these critical circumstances.

This material includes lesson plans and activities that are specifically designed for on-line learning.  It give students a space to process their changing experience, to empower them with the self-reliance that has been thrust upon them, and to strengthen their sense of purpose in life and their connections with others.

The COVID-19 QUESTion Project, outlined below, can be used partially or in its entirety, through the different online platforms/tools teachers are using


Unit 1 (Introduction): What is our experience?
Main Objective: Students make room for all of their experience, positive and negative, in this very
unprecedented time, so that they be best prepared to meet it with strength and positivity.

Unit 2 (Choice): A new level of self-reliance
Main Objective: Students process the new level of autonomy and self-reliance that has unexpectedly fallen on them and gain strength in making the right choices for them, their communities and the world.

Unit 3 (Purpose): What is important to me now?
Main Objective: Students consider what is most important to them,
what is needed, and how they may find or create purpose in this
new critical time and uncertain future.

Unit 4 (Fearlessness): Strength in the face of fear
Main Objective: Students strengthen their capacity to respond to their new circumstances and world crisis with courage and positivity and not
to succumb to fear.

Unit 5 (Interconnectedness): The power of coming together
Main Objective: Students realize how much we are connected in spite of our differences and the boundaries that currently separate us, and how critical it is that we work together to address this global crisis.

Unit 6 (Bigger Picture): It’s about me and it’s about us
Main Objective: Students learn to look at their personal situation and the global crisis in the context
of a bigger picture to consider their individual journeys through this crisis as part of the our shared human journey.

Free resources for educators: request here

Support this initiative: donate here

With gratitude to Fetzer Institute for their support in making this program possible