Tracy Gary

Tracy Gary is a nonprofit entrepreneur and philanthropic and legacy adviser. She has co-founded 21 non-profits with multiple teams nationally and globally.

What has sparked her dedication to transformational giving and learning is her commitment to engaged donor leadership, enlightened by community-based wisdom and research, and spiritually-based practices for healing and global evolution.  She is a member of Women Moving Millions, Advisors in Philanthropy, Threshold Foundation, The National Network of Consultants to Grant-makers, Edge Global Funders Alliance, and The Tipping Point Network. Her nonprofit work to Unleash Generosity through global donor and activist networks is done through a project so named, fiscally sponsored by the Triskeles Foundation. She is also a philanthropic advisor there, and through her own consulting business, Wholehearted Generosity. Gary is the author of Inspired Philanthropy: Creating a Giving Plan and Leaving a Legacy.